The NeaCADD group is a young research group coordinated by Prof. Caterina Fattorusso. The group is active in the field of computational techniques applied to drug design and can actually count on one associate professor, one permanent researcher, two Post-Doc, and three post-graduate students. In the last five years the group produced 30 articles on peer reviewed international journals and 6 patents. Prof. Caterina Fattorusso is a peer reviewer (2009-2012) for the European Science Foundation (ESF -
NeaCADD expertise is in the field of drugs mechanism of action at the molecular level, and is particularly focused on:

  1. how drug can affect protein functions interfering with protein conformation and/or protein-protein interaction;
  2. the role of metallobiology in diseases and drug mechanism of action;
  3. natural compounds as leads for drug-design.
Collaborations: NeaMarine group, Sigma-Tau (Pomezia, Italy); Policlinico Gemelli, University of Roma (Prof. Scambia), University of Siena (Prof. Taddei), University of Salerno (Dr. Rodriquez and Dr. Ramunno), University of Bologna (Prof. Trombini), University of Milano (Prof. Taramelli); Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (Prof. Barone); London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Dr. Croft and Dr. Yardley), Danbury Hospital,CT, USA (Dr. Ferlini).

NeaCADD is affiliated to the Italian Malaria Network.




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