NeaNAT is a multidisciplinary research group founded and coordinated by Professor Ernesto Fattorusso. The group, based at the Dipartimento di Chimica delle Sostanze Naturali, University of Naples "Federico II", has been active for over 40 years in the isolation and identification of natural products of marine origin. Along the years, the group has expanded this core activity to the study of the biological and pharmacological activity of the isolated compounds and of their biosynthesis. In addition, experts in computer aided drug design have joined the group. Overall, the NeaNAT group is now capable to offer a complete solution for the development of new molecules from natural source to optimized compounds for drug, cosmetic, and biotechnological applications, including identification, clarification of the mechanism of action, optimization and biotechnological production.

  • Preparation of extracts from natural sources
  • Purification/Fractionation of extracts to isolate pure compounds
  • Characterization of chemical structures, including stereochemical details
  • Chemical modification (preparation of semisynthetic derivatives) of natural products
  • Study of the biosynthethic genes of natural products from micro-organism for the biotechnological production of bioactive compounds
  • Use of computational techniques for target selection, design of innovative drugs, and investigation of structure-function relationships

The NeaNAT group has access to state-of-art equipment (e.g. a Varian Inova 700 MHz NMR spectrometer equipped with a cryogenic probe and a Thermo Orbitrap high resolution MS/MS instrument) and has a network of established collaborations with biologists and pharmacologists for the evaluation of the obtained molecules.

The NeaNAT group has recently obtained an important grant from EC to reinforce its research potential through the NatPharma contract , financed by the 7th Framework Programme, call REGPOT-2008-1.